Applications for Rukhmabai Fellowship for Women in STEM 2020 is Closed

NOTE: Applications for Fellowship are closed. The results have been announced.
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Aisiri Amin

She is a freelance journalist specializing in gender, culture, and social justice. She is the co-founder of INKLINE, an international media website featuring solutions-focused stories.

Damayanti Datta

She specializes in storytelling that is rooted in research. She has traveled widely and reported from places as diverse as hospital wards, courthouses, science labs, police stations, and tribal homes.

101Reporters is inviting applications for its inaugural Rukhmabai Fellowship for Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Representation programme. 

The fellowship is being offered to provide opportunities to women journalists to report on and about Indian women scientists, engineers, mathematicians and technologists to inspire Indian girls and women and encourage them to explore the world of STEM research. 

The fellowship, in essence, is work by women in arts, for women in science.

About Women in Stem

Written by Women

For more women in STEM


The Rukhmabai Fellowship is open to Indian women journalists over the age of 21 years. Two fellowships of Rs 35,000 each will be awarded based on the applicant’s pitches. 

The fellow will be expected to deliver three articles each: (i) two profiles of women achievers in STEM in India and (ii) a reported news feature-cum-analysis establishing low representation of women in STEM in India, reasons, consequences and possible solutions. 

The timeline for the submissions will be announced after the fellowships are awarded. 101Reporters will publish the story on its website and share it with other reputed publications.

Application information:

Your application must include at least three original pitches (for two profiles and one reported feature), your latest CV (with names and contact information of references) and links to your published work. 

To apply, please register here. The application deadline is January 31st 2021 11:ooPM IST. 

Please contact us at editor@101reporters.com for any queries regarding the application. Check our social media channels for regular updates.

Suggestions for application:

  • Your pitch must clearly establish why this profile/feature will interest an average reader and why is this a story that must be told.  
  • In the profile pitch, mention the achiever’s credentials and names of sources (the achiever’s colleagues, peers, mentors, family, etc) you will be speaking with. 
  • For the news feature pitch, please state an outline of your article with an example as well as names of people you will be speaking with. 
  • Pitches must ideally include primary research sources such as institutional or archival records. 
  • Please mention if you will be able to source copyright photographs and or videos that can be published.  


  • The fellowship amount will be awarded after the submission of all completed stories to the satisfaction of 101Reporters. 
  • The stories might need some value-addition or rework. The fellows must be willing to work with the 101Reporters’ editorial team on this.
  • For the sake of authenticity and fact-checking, the fellows will need to submit a copy of all their conversations with the people quoted in their articles.
  • The fellowship amount is all-inclusive. There is no separate budget for travel and accommodation.


rukhmabai Fellowship for women
SOURCE: Wikipedia
Rukhmabai (1864-1955)

The Rukhmabai Fellowship for Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Representation programme is named in honour of India’s one of the first, practising female doctors. Rukhmabai went against the conventions of her era when she refused to move to her marital home, contesting a historic, legal battle for her rights, which eventually led to the enactment of the Age of Consent Act, 1891. 

After the dissolution of her marriage, Rukhmabai continued her education and went on to pursue a career in medicine. She served as the chief medical officer of the Women’s Hospital in Surat. 

Rukhmabai’s grit and determination in realising her potential is an inspiration for millions of girls and young women in India who face multiple hurdles when it comes to accessing education. Pursuing science and related fields is especially challenging given the deeply embedded biases in society, gender stereotypes, financial constraints, lack of early childhood exposure and opportunities and so on.  

Only 3% of women in India enroll in PhD in science and 6% opt for a PhD in Engineering and Technology, according to a 2018-19 survey by the Ministry of Education. Women account for only 14% of the total scientists, engineers, technologists in research development institutions.

At 101Reporters, we believe that awareness about the struggles and achievements of women role models in the STEM fields will boost girls and young women to dream big and steer them to take up the sciences. We hope to bring stories that will inspire, provoke and encourage more women to take up STEM. And we want to tell these stories through the words of women journalists. 

If you have any questions regarding the application, please contact us editor@101reporters.com

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